Anine & Julian, Riebeeck Kasteel

What a fun couple shoot with such a beautiful couple and their super cute pets! I met up with Anine and Julian on their farm in Riebeeck Kasteel where we went for a walk with their adorable and enthusiastic Collie and upon returning to their home we just had to include their marvelous Main Coon cat, Zirki, for a few pictures. This was just such a fun, laid back shoot all round and even though we laughed A LOT there were still moments it felt as if though I was working with Calvin Klein models – these two are just picture perfect together!

Anine en Julian, baie dankie vir ‘n bitter lekker middag en dat julle my werk so maklik gemaak het. Ek hoop julle is so opgewonde oor die fotos soos ek; ek sê dit die laaste tyd baie, maar hier is regtig (egtig) van my gunsteling fotos tot dusver. Geniet die fotos en kyk tog altyd so mooi na mekaar soos hier!

Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-6926Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-6933Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-6941Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-6974Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-6975Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-6981Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-6983Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-6992-2Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-6999Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7002Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7007Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7023Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7113Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7128Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7132Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7160Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7166Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7173Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7211Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7272Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7284Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7289Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7297Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7298Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7303Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7308Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7350Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7375Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7400Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7405Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7430Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7467Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7471Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7489Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7568Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7573Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7576Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7592Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7615Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7629Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7649Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7670Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7682Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7684Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7708Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7721Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7740Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7748Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7757Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7764Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7792Jouberts_Elana van Zyl Photography-7798

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