Katharina Newborn, Swellendam

Two newborns in one week, how lucky am I! And to top it all they were cousins, almost born on the same day. Yes, Katharina and her cousin, Noah (take a look at his sweet session here), are bound to have a special bond and I feel so honoured to have met them both within the first week of their birth to capture those sweet little toes and tiny, lovable bodies that grow up so fast. So this time it was Katharina’s turn and I’m very excited to share these photographs!

Something new: Because I love variety I’ve decided to add something new to my editing repertoire. From now on I’ll be adding a few pictures with a bit of fine art flare at the end of each post (same pictures just a different take).

Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0197Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0195Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0210Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0263Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0253Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0252Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0283Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0390Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0437Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0314Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0337Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0374Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0361Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0235-3Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0477Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0509Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0511Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0482Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0493Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0546Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0557Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0575Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0456Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0321Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0491Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0543Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0554Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0561Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0291Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0297

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