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I completed a one-year commercial photography course at Stellenbosch Academy in 2008 after which I strayed from my photography dream when I enrolled for a B-Comm degree in 2009. A B-Comm Honors degree and corporate job later I still found myself spending endless hours drooling over every wedding photography blog I could get my hands on. When one of my favourite wedding photographers, Nikki Meyer, announced she was hosting her first photography workshop in August 2013 I signed up and shortly after the life changing workshop I started freelancing.

I am a newlywed myself and remember going through our photographs for the first time. While they were all amazing I was a bit taken aback with how few of them were really frame worthy – we were always looking away from the camera and most of the photographs were very documentary (which is a style I love but a picture of just feet, a cropped smile, walking away from the camera etc doesn’t make much sense framed on the wall).

Therefore my approach is a mix between documentary and what I like to call “frame-worthy” (traditional) photography in order to give you timeless photographs to cherish forever. I’d like to think that I keep my clients relaxed and at ease on the day and I’m always keeping an eye on the details. Enough talk about photographs though, take a look yourself!

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