Katharina Newborn, Swellendam

Overberg Newborn Photographer

Two newborns in one week, how lucky am I! And to top it all they were cousins, almost born on the same day. Yes, Katharina and her cousin, Noah (take a look at his sweet session here), are bound to have a special bond and I feel so honoured to have met them both within the first week of their birth to capture those sweet little toes and tiny, lovable bodies that grow up so fast. So this time it was Katharina’s turn and I’m very excited to share these photographs!

Something new: Because I love variety I’ve decided to add something new to my editing repertoire. From now on I’ll be adding a few pictures with a bit of fine art flare at the end of each post (same pictures just a different take).

Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0197Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0195Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0210Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0263Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0253Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0252Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0283Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0390Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0437Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0314Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0337Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0374Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0361Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0235-3Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0477Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0509Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0511Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0482Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0493Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0546Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0557Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0575Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0456Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0321Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0491Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0543Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0554Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0561Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0291Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0297

Noah Newborn Shoot, Swellendam

What a gorgeous family you are! I’m really honoured to have gotten a glimpse of your new life as parents and to have met your beautiful bundle of joy, Noah, on just six days old! A special kind of peacefulness rains in a household when a newborn baby comes home and at the Fourie’s it was no different. I hope these peaceful portraits find a special place in your beautiful home!

Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0056Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0067Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0108Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0102Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0155Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0192Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0133Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0145Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0127Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0117Swellendam Newborn Photographer-9736Swellendam Newborn Photographer-9758Swellendam Newborn Photographer-9929Swellendam Newborn Photographer-9870Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0007Swellendam Newborn Photographer-9900Swellendam Newborn Photographer-9907Swellendam Newborn Photographer-9910Swellendam Newborn Photographer-9915Swellendam Newborn Photographer-9920Swellendam Newborn Photographer-9781Swellendam Newborn Photographer-9814Swellendam Newborn Photographer-9820Swellendam Newborn Photographer-9847Swellendam Newborn Photographer-9846Swellendam Newborn Photographer-9835

Newborn Malan, Ashton

What an honour it has been to be part of this special time in the Steyl family’s life, first celebrating Karla’s beautiful baby bump with a gorgeous maternity shoot and now the arrival of sweet little Malan. Their beautiful home made a stunning backdrop for their shoot with their newborn and the morning unfolded with storybook perfection with sweet ‘Ouboet’ Jaunru at play in the background while his parents cooed over Malan for the pictures.

Karla en Rohan, ongelooflik baie dankie vir julle ondersteuning en dat julle my in julle huis ingenooi het om ‘n blik op die nuwe hoofstuk van jul lewe vas te vang. Julle is so ‘n mooi gesin, ek weet sommer julle twee rakkers gaan nog vir baie pret en opwinding sorg – mag julle hul altyd so baie geniet!

Newborn Malan_Elana van Zyl Photography-5277-2Newborn Malan_Elana van Zyl Photography-5281Newborn Malan_Elana van Zyl Photography-5310Newborn Malan_Elana van Zyl Photography-5325Newborn Malan_Elana van Zyl Photography-5374Newborn Malan_Elana van Zyl Photography-5376Newborn Malan_Elana van Zyl Photography-5405Newborn Malan_Elana van Zyl Photography-5411Newborn Malan_Elana van Zyl Photography-5422Newborn Malan_Elana van Zyl Photography-5447Newborn Malan_Elana van Zyl Photography-5455Newborn Malan_Elana van Zyl Photography-5470Newborn Malan_Elana van Zyl Photography-5494Newborn Malan_Elana van Zyl Photography-5497Newborn Malan_Elana van Zyl Photography-5507Newborn Malan_Elana van Zyl Photography-5525Newborn Malan_Elana van Zyl Photography-5550Newborn Malan_Elana van Zyl Photography-5560Newborn Malan_Elana van Zyl Photography-5632Newborn Malan_Elana van Zyl Photography-5635Newborn Malan_Elana van Zyl Photography-5651

Newborn Nina-Marie, Ashton

Oooch, all of these newborn shoots are making me kind of broody…luckily only until my 18 month old son wakes up from his 30 minute super power nap though 😉 But on a serious note beautiful newborn, Nina-Marie, has one of the most sweet and scrumptious faces I’ve yet to photograph. Not to mention her cute big sis – such a photogenic family! The photographs of her and her stunning mama are some of my favourites to date.

Andriette en Jaycee julle het ‘n pragtige gesin! Baie dankie dat ek ‘n grepie van die nuwe hoofstuk in julle lewe kon vasvang, ek hoop klein Nina-Marie bring elke dag meer en meer vreugde en vrede vir julle gesin. Geniet elke kosbare oomblik van haar kleintyd, nogmaals dankie vir julle ondersteuning!

Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-3664Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-3666Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-3668Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-3677Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-3683Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-3693Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-3714Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-3730Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-3748Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-3755Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-3763Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-3769Newborn Nina-Marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-3781Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-3796Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-3826Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-3834Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-3853Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-3854Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-3867Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-3870Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-3916Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-3974Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-3992Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-3999Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-4005Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-4006Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-4015Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-4022Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-4030Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-4033Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-4045Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-4055Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-4057Newborn Nina-marie Ashton_Elana van Zyl Photography-3955