Ela & Christo, Overberg Engagement

Such a special engagement shoot in the heart of the Overberg in Spring – the most spectacular time of the year in our beautiful region (yes, I’m a sucker for bright yellow canola fields and orchids in bloom). The best part of this shoot however is the lovely couple! Within ten minutes of meeting it felt like I’ve known them much, much longer than those few minutes. And it’s also immediately obvious that there is nothing coincidental about these two wonderful people being together,  they just fit together so naturally. Without a doubt your paths were meant to cross and it’s apparent that you are part of the Good Lord’s wonderful plan for one another. I can’t wait to capture your big day next year, something tells me it’s going to be one for the books!

Overberg Wedding Photograpehr-4645Overberg Wedding Photograpehr-4670Overberg Wedding Photograpehr-4661Overberg Wedding Photograpehr-4573Overberg Wedding Photograpehr-4727Overberg Wedding Photograpehr-4725Overberg Wedding Photograpehr-4754Overberg Wedding Photograpehr-4752Overberg Wedding Photograpehr-4622-2Overberg Wedding Photograpehr-4980Overberg Wedding Photograpehr-4706Overberg Wedding Photograpehr-5033Overberg Wedding Photograpehr-5047Overberg Wedding Photograpehr-5014Overberg Wedding Photograpehr-5009Overberg Wedding Photograpehr-4952Overberg Wedding Photograpehr-4955Overberg Wedding Photograpehr-4971Overberg Wedding Photograpehr-4871-2Overberg Wedding Photograpehr-4885Overberg Wedding Photograpehr-4858Overberg Wedding Photograpehr-4910Overberg Wedding Photograpehr-4916Overberg Wedding Photograpehr-4921-2Overberg Wedding Photograpehr-4915

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