Karla Maternity, Melozhori Game Reserve

After weddings I think maternity sessions might be my favourite type of shoot. Something about those baby bumps that give you something extra and super special to work with combined with the pregnancy glow and confidence creates a sense of peace (or perhaps a calm before the sweet storm that newborns bring) that translates into majestic portraits. Add a sweet little boy and breathtaking views to the already magical mix and the result is indescribably exciting and gorgeous (well, to me at least).

I met up with the Steyl family for Karla’s maternity session at the beautiful Melozhori Game Reserve – a private game farm located on the border where the Overberg meets the Boland. Needless to say it’s an idyllic location and there were so many potential spots for this session that it was hard to choose – I’ll just have to return for more sessions then :). Thanks a million to the wonderful staff of Melozhori Game Reserve for going to so much trouble to show me around, I truly appreciate your effort and time!

Thank you Karla (a wonderful returning client) for your support and for being such a great model and sport in front of the lens. I’m super excited to meet little Malan! By the looks of how you light up at each sight of little Jaunru I know you’ll be a super mom for your two boys. xxx

Karla Maternity_Elana van Zyl Photography-0550Karla Maternity_Elana van Zyl Photography-0544Karla Maternity_Elana van Zyl Photography-0557Karla Maternity_Elana van Zyl Photography-0558Karla Maternity_Elana van Zyl Photography-0537Karla Maternity_Elana van Zyl Photography-0536Karla Maternity_Elana van Zyl Photography-0520Karla Maternity_Elana van Zyl Photography-0500Karla Maternity_Elana van Zyl Photography-0464Karla Maternity_Elana van Zyl Photography-0474Karla Maternity_Elana van Zyl Photography-0449Karla Maternity_Elana van Zyl Photography-0446Karla Maternity_Elana van Zyl Photography-0453Karla Maternity_Elana an Zyl Photography-0690Karla Maternity_Elana van Zyl Photography-0679Karla Maternity_Elana an Zyl Photography-0678Karla Maternity_Elana an Zyl Photography-0691Karla Maternity_Elana an Zyl Photography-0670Karla Maternity_Elana an Zyl Photography-0698Karla Maternity_Elana an Zyl Photography-0708Karla Maternity_Elana an Zyl Photography-0714-2Karla Maternity_Elana an Zyl Photography-0676Karla Maternity_Elana an Zyl Photography-0601Karla Maternity_Elana an Zyl Photography-0568Karla Maternity_Elana an Zyl Photography-0616Karla Maternity_Elana an Zyl Photography-0596-2

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