Noah Newborn Shoot, Swellendam

What a gorgeous family you are! I’m really honoured to have gotten a glimpse of your new life as parents and to have met your beautiful bundle of joy, Noah, on just six days old! A special kind of peacefulness rains in a household when a newborn baby comes home and at the Fourie’s it was no different. I hope these peaceful portraits find a special place in your beautiful home!

Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0056Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0067Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0108Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0102Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0155Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0192Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0133Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0145Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0127Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0117Swellendam Newborn Photographer-9736Swellendam Newborn Photographer-9758Swellendam Newborn Photographer-9929Swellendam Newborn Photographer-9870Swellendam Newborn Photographer-0007Swellendam Newborn Photographer-9900Swellendam Newborn Photographer-9907Swellendam Newborn Photographer-9910Swellendam Newborn Photographer-9915Swellendam Newborn Photographer-9920Swellendam Newborn Photographer-9781Swellendam Newborn Photographer-9814Swellendam Newborn Photographer-9820Swellendam Newborn Photographer-9847Swellendam Newborn Photographer-9846Swellendam Newborn Photographer-9835

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