To tan or not to tan for your wedding

Once upon a time there was a beautiful, fair skinned bride who thought she should be tan for her wedding. Let’s just say this fairy tale does not have a happy ending…not for the bride nor the photographer.

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Ladies, if God gave you pale, fair, pinkish, see-through or bleek skin, please don’t try to change it for your wedding day.  Fair skin is beautiful!  Natural is beautiful!  If you are having trouble accepting your fair skin though and are strongly considering a spray tan please read here first and consider the following factors before you go for that dreaded spray tan.

Hair colour

I think hair colour is probably the most important consideration when it comes to looking glowing on your wedding day.  The wrong hair colour can (and will) wash you out and make you look pale on photos.  Consult with your hairstylist about hair colours that suits your fair skin best.

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I absolutely loved bride Beanca’s natural look.  Her hair colour perfectly suited her skin and she was a vision in her Molteno Creations dress.  Elizabeth Rae MUA did an amazing job with her make-up as well.

Fifty shades of white

So, finding THE ONE is not just about finding your partner for life it also entails the (sometimes more complicated) choice of finding the correct shade of white for your wedding dress that fits your skin tone.  Yes, it’s a white dress but there are so many different shades of white and picking the wrong shade of white can be detrimental.  Steer clear of bright white gowns as they will do absolutely nothing for your beautiful fair skin.  Instead, if you want to look healthy and glowing with your natural, pale skin opt for gowns with a slight yellow undertone (colours such as ivory, champagne and blush).



The wrong foundation colour will look…well, just wrong.  And so will the wrong colour of blusher and bronzer and even more so the wrong lip colour.  Trust me, there is a very good reason people study for a year or two to become make-up artists.  Not only do make-up artists have an array of shades and colours to choose from but they will also know which of those colours will suite you best.  Which is what make-up is all about – enhancing your best features to make you look like the most beautiful version of yourself.  And if I may be brutally honest, I don’t think an orange version of you is the most beautiful you.

The masterful Alicia Buckle perfecting bride Annette’s make-up on her wedding day. Annette was an absolute vision!


Whether it’s a cute flower crown, statement earrings or any jewellery, really, make sure that the accessories you wear on your wedding day compliments your fair skin.

Beautiful bride Andreè’s wedding dress had a slightly pink undertone, complementing her skin beautifully. She accessorised with a pretty and subtle flower crown to complete her bridal look – perfection!


The last but certainly not the least important consideration to make before you go for that spray tan is:  when you tan, do you become tan or red?  If the latter is the answer and you rarely achieve a tan without burning pink or red then please do not go for a spray tan, please just don’t.  You are beautiful you fair skin, beauty you.

And with help from professional hairstylist, dress designers and make-up artists you will look like a radiant renaissance goddess on your wedding day…it doesn’t get more timeless and classic than that.

If you must

Finally, if you are still convinced that you must get a spray tan for your wedding day at least have it professionally done (and not from a drugstore can).  There are wonderfully professional spray tan bars and mobile agents out there who will know just how tan to go on your fair skin.

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