Just a little bit about my wedding photography style and my photography journey, promise I won’t bore you with useless info about my ‘love for long walks on the beach’ or ‘good coffee’.

In fact, let me start by saying that honesty, authenticity and realness are what I value most in life and in many ways that is what shapes my approach to photography.

Keeping it real is important to me and is my main focus while shooting.  That being said, it is also important you know that because most of us aren’t professional models I do prefer to guide my clients in their ‘posing’.   And by guiding I really mean having a conversation (and laughs) flow between me and my clients throughout a shoot.  It’s a great way of getting to know my ‘subject’ and is key to capturing their authenticity.  It also helps clients to feel instantly more at ease and by the second half of a shoot clients feel much more confident which then creates loads of opportunity for more intimate and natural moments (my absolute favourite to capture).

So how did I get here?  On the usual cliché way – I have always loved and valued photographs and started playing around with my mother’s point-and-shoot camera from a young age.  I’ve just always known that I wanted to be a photographer one day.  I started working on that ‘one day’ straight after school in 2008 when I completed a course in Commercial Photography at Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography.

I then strayed a bit from my dream of becoming a photographer by enrolling for a B-Comm degree in 2009. However, a B-Comm Honors degree and corporate job later I still found myself spending endless hours drooling over every wedding photography blog (when those were still a thing, long before Instagram) I could get my hands on. When one of my favourite  South African wedding photographers announced she was hosting her first photography workshop in August 2013 I signed up and shortly after I started freelancing as photographer.

Enough about me! Enjoy your time on my website and please do get in touch with me if you would like to book your session.

xx E