Joubertsdal: Swellendam Wedding Venue

I’m thrilled to share a first look at Swellendam’s newest wedding venue. Joubertsdal Country Estate Wedding Venue is situated along the R60-highway just outside Swellendam at the foot of the majestic Langeberg Mountains. The venue is  modern, spacious and ingeniously laid out with a chapel and hall all under one roof. I can only imagine how wonderfully seamless weddings here will go from the ceremony, to drinks and eating to dancing and partying till late night with the bar strategically placed at the edge of the dance floor (once again, genius lay-out!). Owners Erik and Danielle’s impeccable taste is apparent in every finish and decor detail and although Danielle is adamant that there are still a few finishing touches she’d like to add the venue is gorgeously stylish and ready for any soiree.

I was fortunate to get a sneak peak at the venue while they prepared for their grand opening and returned for the function where guests dined and celebrated the opening to the sounds of Bottomless Coffee Band‘s live entertainment. With such a successful opening I cannot wait to see this venue go from strength to strength – definitely one to watch!

Joubertsdal_Swellendam_Wedding_Venue_Elana van Zyl Photography-8803

Joubertsdal_Swellendam_Wedding_Venue_Elana van Zyl Photography-8806Joubertsdal_Swellendam_Wedding_Venue_Elana van Zyl Photography-8449Joubertsdal_Swellendam_Wedding_Venue_Elana van Zyl Photography-8468

Joubertsdal_Swellendam_Wedding_Venue_Elana van Zyl Photography-8324

Joubertsdal_Swellendam_Wedding_Venue_Elana van Zyl Photography-8336

Joubertsdal_Swellendam_Wedding_Venue_Elana van Zyl Photography-8296Joubertsdal_Swellendam_Wedding_Venue_Elana van Zyl Photography-8284

Joubertsdal_Swellendam Wedding Venue_Elana van Zyl Photography-8340Joubertsdal_Swellendam Wedding Venue_Elana van Zyl Photography-8414




2017-05-19_00122017-05-19_00112017-05-19_0020Joubertsdal_Swellendam_Wedding_Venue_Elana van Zyl Photography-8969Joubertsdal_Swellendam_Wedding_Venue_Elana van Zyl Photography-8920Joubertsdal_Swellendam_Wedding_Venue_Elana van Zyl Photography-8928Joubertsdal_Swellendam_Wedding_Venue_Elana van Zyl Photography-8847Joubertsdal_Swellendam_Wedding_Venue_Elana van Zyl Photography-88652017-05-19_0018

Joubertsdal_Swellendam_Wedding_Venue_Elana van Zyl Photography-8958Joubertsdal_Swellendam_Wedding_Venue_Elana van Zyl Photography-88102017-05-19_00082017-05-19_0019

Joubertsdal_Swellendam_Wedding_Venue_Elana van Zyl Photography-8963Joubertsdal_Swellendam_Wedding_Venue_Elana van Zyl Photography-8855

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