Marli & Rickus, Villiersdorp Wedding

So it’s not everyday that you get to photograph the first wedding at a new wedding venue, not to mention one the actual couple designed! Yep, I have the greatest clients! I vividly remember the day I received Marli’s email enquiry – a Sunday afternoon, a day on which I don’t usually respond to emails but when I read their story the excitement overtook and I just had to find out more. Marli and Rickus, both architects, were the masterminds behind Dennehof Wedding Venue in Villiersdorp. Together they turned what used to be the ruins of an old barn into a modern, elegant and beautifully styled venue with a panoramic view of the Theewaterskloof dam. I cannot begin to express how honoured I am to have been part of such a proud and blissful day for Marli, Rickus and their families. It was truly a day filled with beauty and the purest love and I hope that is what these photographs will always remind you of.

Julle twee het die mees opregte, harte van goud en as ek kyk na die wonderlike hoogtepunt waarop julle huwelik begin het, is ek so seker dat julle nog ongelooflike hoogtes saam gaan bereik!

Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0659

Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0001Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0007Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-9592Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-9579Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0009Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0017Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0006Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0010Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0083Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0051Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0133Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0127Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0153Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0174Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0151Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0190Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0262Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0215Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0228Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0255Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0241Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0270Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0272Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0296Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0327Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0306Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0316Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0302Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0313Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0332Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0396Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0581Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0524Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0584Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0578Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0588Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0593Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-9418Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-9474Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-9464Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0442-1Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0543Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0541Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0660Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0667Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-9510Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0627Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0609Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0753Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0749Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-9563-1Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0772Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0789Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0132-2Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0800Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0782Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-9596Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-9595Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0045Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-9618Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0018Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0030Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0035Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0050-1Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0056-1Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-9628Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-9655Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0068-1Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-9665Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0215-2Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0126-2Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0221Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0216Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0090Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0118Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-9687Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-9719Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0150Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0176Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0197-2Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0195Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0241-2-1Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0254-3Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-9764Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-9746Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0287Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0288Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0262-2-1Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0279-3Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0278Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0416-2Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-9583Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-9570Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0300Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0310Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0305-2Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0429-2Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0357Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0351Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0346Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0344-2Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0364Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0581-2Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0513Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0478Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0559-2Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0582Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0482Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-0492Villiersdorp Wedding Venue-9787

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